Compute Error

No compute capabilities error status

In some cases, on Windows systems, you might see "No compute capabilities" error in the status bar:

After clicking the status you will see this message box:

This usually means that OmniScope couldn't initialize OpenCL GPU processing. The common solution to this problem is to provide a correct OpenCL.dll at runtime as the default C:\Windows\System32\OpenCL.dll is probably not the correct one.

Try searching your C:\ drive for OpenCL.dll file:

Nobe OmniScope primarily uses a dll located in C:\Windows\System32 - as you can see in the screenshot above, it's the biggest file found on C:\ drive. It might happen, that you will find a really small file there (like the ones in yellow above). In this case simply copy the biggest OpenCL.dll file directly to the program directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NobeOmniScope\

This way Nobe OmniScope will try this file first before attempting to load the System32 one.

Once the correct OpenCL.dll file is placed in the program directory - restart OmniScope and the Compute error should be gone.

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