Nobe OmniScope supports both NDI® input as well as NDI® output.

NDI® Input

NDI® input sources are automatically displayed in the "Connect to" dialog boxes within the application and no other configuration is needed.

NDI® Output

NDI® output options are available in the Options menu or directly from the toolbar.

There are 2 output modes that Nobe OmniScope supports:

  1. Source pass-through,

  2. All scopes.

Source Pass-through

In this mode Nobe OmniScope will simply forward the input signal that is currently being fed into OmniScope (or one of the multiple signals that can be selected in the drop0down menu within NDI® settings).

All Scope view

In this mode Nobe OmniScope will send the whole application view as a NDI® signal. This means that the other party receiving our NDI® stream will be able to see exactly what we see in the application (all the scopes, etc).

NDI® Options

You can use the settings panel to change the signal bit-depth (8bit or 16bit) as well as the image scaling (to save bandwidth and lower the latency).

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