QC EDL Export

Exporting QC markers to EDL file

It is now possible to export all the QC events from the timeline view to EDL file which then can be imported in DaVinci Resolve.

To export an EDL simply right-click in the timeline area and select "Export EDL":

Now, to import the QC events as markers in DaVinci Resolve, navigate to the Media Pool, right click your timeline where you want the markers to be imported and select:

Timelines -> Import -> Timeline Markers from EDL...

After that you should be able to see the markers in the timecode track and marker descriptions in your viewer.


If your markers are not importer properly, please make sure your starting timecode is the same in both OmniScope and Resolve. To reset timeline timecode in Resolve, navigate to:

Preferences -> User -> Editing

And adjust "Start timecode":

Please note that this feature is available only in the Pro version of the software.

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