NDI® Guide

How to set-up Nobe Display with NDI streaming

Starting with version 1.54 Nobe Display supports NDI® streaming. This means you can share your video signal with anyone in the world using any 3rd party streaming application using the built-in system video input device (webcam).


NDI® Tools

First step is to download and install NDI Tools from NewTek:

In order to make the integration possible in apps like Zoom and Skype you need NewTekNDIVirtualInput package from the tools package.

OpenFX plugin

Once you have Nobe Display installed, start DaVinci Resolve, go to the Timeline Node and apply Nobe Display Connect OpenFX plugin:

Connecting it all together

Next, open Nobe Display either from /Applications in macOS, from the Desktop shortcut or directly from the OpenFX inspector by pressing "Open Display" button and hit "Connect" button in Nobe Display application:

Once you do that, you should be able to see the live preview from DaVinci in Nobe Display window. Go to Options / NDI® to see the current status:

NDI® Virtual Input

Now, launch NDI® Virtual Input app (Applications folder on macOS or menu start on WIndows) and find our Nobe Display Connect source in the Sources menu:

New Virtual Video device is ready

From now on you should be able to see a new video device in your system and in the apps compatible with the system video input device (Zoom, OBS, Skype*, etc)

Here's Zoom application with selected "NDI Video" device with real-time image preview from DaVinci Resolve:

NDI® Virtual Input works with Skype only on Windows. Unfortunately it no longer works on macOS.

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