Color Managed timeline

How to use Nobe Display with Color Managed timeline in DaVinci Resolve
When you use Nobe Display with DaVinci Resolve in Color Managed timeline and DaVinci Wide Gamut the preview will appear washed out. It's because Nobe Display shows you the raw image data as is in the timeline. There's no display transform applied to the image at this stage yet.
DaVinci Wide Gamut in Color Managed timeline
In order to see the correct image in Nobe Display we need to use 2 built-in OFX plugins called Color Space Transform, one before Nobe Display Connect plugin, and one after:
Color Space Transform "Sandwitch"
Here are the settings that we should use in the node before Nobe Display Connect:
WG to Rec.709
And these are the settings to get back to WG: