Performance settings

If you experience a performance drop

If your hardware is running low on resources or the hardware configuration makes the application drop frames or fell sluggish, here are some steps that you can take to improve the performance.

Head to Options / Preferences / Performance settings section:

Use OpenCL GPU acceleration

This option affects Histogram scope only. If you are experiencing issues with the Histogram or get occasional GPU related crashes, you might want to disable this option, restart OmniScope and try again to see if the situation improves.

We have received a couple of reports with OpenCL related issues on some specific platforms.

Limit input to 1080p

When this option is enabled the source signal will always be down-scaled to 1092x1080 boundaries before any processing happens.

Scale input to scope viewer size

When this option is enabled, the source signal will be scaled down for each scope window individually to fit the scope window boundaries.

Global Scope Downsample

This options sets the default downsample settings for all the scopes. Then it can be overridden in the particular scope so that you can keep 50% downsample in all the scopes except one where you need the highest quality.

Input Frame Scale

This is additional input frame scaling on top of the Limit to 1080p option above.

Scope Resolution Scale

This option changes the scope resolution. This might improve the general performance but in general frame scaling options are more likely to work better.

Cache size

If you are running low on your GPU card memory you might try lowering this value, but in general this is not recommended.

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