Source Signal

Source signal shows the source image preview. The image can be masked using Ellipse or Rectangle shape – just click and drag with the mouse to draw it on top of the image:


Options available in the Settings:

  1. Channles – display only specific color channels:

    1. RGB – RGB image,

    2. Red – display only red channel,

    3. Green – display only green channel,

    4. Blue – display only blue channel,

    5. Luma – display luminosity,

  2. Blanking Alarm – one of the QC features that will draw red markers when blanking bars are detected on top & bottom,

  3. Use Color Picker – enable/disable the color picker,

  4. Format – color picker format:

    1. RGB,

    2. RGBY,

    3. HEX – Alt + Shift click will copy the HEX color code to the clipboard,

    4. CMYK,

    5. HSV,

  5. Luma 0-100 range – Luma will be displayed in 0-100% range instead of 0-255,

  6. Override global brightness – set the preview brightness separately from the global brightness settings in the Preferences window,

  7. Use Monitor ICC profile – enable / disable monitor ICC profile for the display.


OmniScope features some predefined overlays that can be turned on/off:

  1. Title safe

  2. Thirds

  3. Crosshair

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