QC Timeline

QC Timeline feature

OmniScope features a very useful QC tool called QC Timeline. It can be toggled in the QC top menu and allows you to see all the QC events as well as audio waveform, HDR stats, thumbnails and many more.

The timeline is built in realtime based on incoming frames and uses timecode to reference events. This means you can monitor your SDI signal as it comes in and will follow your playhead in real-time while you move around your timeline.

Timeline can be configured to display up to 8 tracks:

  1. Timecode,

  2. HDR Stats,

  3. Blanking,

  4. HDR Gamut,

  5. Audio Silence,

  6. Audio Waveform,

  7. Audio Loudness,

  8. Thumbnails.

Each track can be toggled on and off in the right click context menu:

You can also change the size of each track by dragging & dropping the top/bottom edges of the tracks. You can also re-arrange the tracks by dragging & dropping the track headers on the left side.

The context menu allows you to reset the timeline (start building it from scratch), clear the bookmarks (you can add them through streamdeck action or cmd/ctr+B key shortcut), import and export the timeline to file (for further quick access) as well as exporting the QC events as markers via EDL.

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