Screen Capture

Screen Capture source can be used to monitor the images / videos directly from the screen.

It can be used to monitor photo-editing apps like Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One. It can also be used to monitor video sources like YouTube or Vimeo videos directly.

Once the Screen Capture is connected you can specify the source screen in the settings:

In the new dialog box you can select the monitor that will be used as a source:

You can also limit the frame rate of the capture process.

Then to adjust the captured source you can use the Crop feature – View menu / Crop or Alt+C keyboard shortcut:

This way you can limit the captured area to the monitored image only.


macOS Permissions

If you don't see an image at all and you are using macOS please make sure you have a Screen Capture permissions:

Capture driver

If for some reason your screencapture doesn't work as expected you can change capture driver in the Input settings:

If you are using older OmniScope version, you can change this in the config file:

  1. Go to Options / Open Logs

  2. Close OmniScope

  3. Edit file config_1_19.json

  4. Find a line: "screencapture_type": "ScreenCaptureWinDX9", And change it to: "screencapture_type": "ScreenCaptureWinDX11",

  5. Save the file & restart OmniScope

There are 3 different options that can be used for screencapture_type:

  1. ScreenCaptureWinDX9 - GPU accelerated using DirectX 9 (most compatible, recommended on Windows 8 and older)

  2. ScreenCaptureWinDX11 - GPU accelerated using DirectX 11 (recommended on newer computers)

  3. ScreenCaptureWinGDI - without GPU acceleration (safe fallback if the above don't work, but it's the slowest option)

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