HDR & SDR monitoring with DeckLink 8K Pro

Simultaneous HDR and trim SDR signals monitoring with DeckLink 8K Pro

The goal of this manual is to setup a simultaneous HDR & SDR signal monitoring using 2 DeckLink 8K Pro cards - one on sending and one on receiving end.

First step is port configuration on both sides - please configure the ports using Desktop Video app as follows (on both cards):

Now edit the connector settings in every sub-device and set the to in-or-out:

Now this is the port numbering in the device:

And this is how we are going to connect our two boards:

Setup DeckLink device in DaVinci Resolve as follows:

When DeckLink 1 is selected as monitoring device: physical port 1 will output HDR, port 3 will output: SDR.

Now we can connect to DeckLink (1) and DeckLink (2) in OmniScope for both HDR and SDR monitoring:

Please make sure to use the following settings in the input settings in OmniScope:

When you configure both inputs the same way and setup a layout for monitoring 2 sources at the same time, you should be able to get something like this:

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