Upgrade & Support Plan

Nobe OmniScope Pro & Video

The Upgrade & Support Plan is an optional, annual plan that provides owners of OmniScope application updates and priority support.

If you purchased OmniScope more than 12 months ago, we encourage you to join the plan and renew your license. Please note: This is not a standard subscription, which requires you to pay every year at a certain time to keep the license active. .

  • Legacy owners of Nobe OmniScope can get current and renew the annual Upgrade & Support plan at any time. There is no penalty if your license is older than 12 months or you have passed on renewals.

  • OmniScope licenses do not expire, you own it. You can cancel the Upgrade & Support plan at any time and keep the last version available at the time of cancellation.

  • Renewal pricing starts at $70/year for the Video Version and $99/year for the Pro Version

All new purchases of Nobe OmniScope include 1 year of free upgrades and support (Video & Pro Versions only).

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