UHD Quad Link config for AJA Kona 4

How to configure AJA card in QuadLink SDI for UHD monitoring

AJA cards need special handling when configured in QuadLink mode. Here's how to configure AJA Kona 4 to monitor UHD signal in QuadLink SDI configuration.

We are going to be using DeckLink 8K Pro on sending side and AJA Kona 4 on receiving side.


Here's DeckLink port numbering:

And AJA Kona 4 on the other end:

Configuring the sender

DeckLink connectors should be configured in SDI 1 to 4 In or Out way:

And DaVinci Resolve monitoring settings as follows:

Configuring the receiver

On the receiving end, configure AJA card using AJA ControlPanel to expect 4 SDI inputs in QuadLink configuration and make sure to check the QuadLink UHD option in the input settings in OmniScope:

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