Skintone Scope

The Power of SkinTone Scope

Focused Skin Tone Monitoring: The SkinTone Scope is a specialized tool, akin to the false color scope, but uniquely tailored for monitoring skin tones. By creating a color qualifier that targets only the skin tone range, it offers unprecedented precision in color grading.

Two Robust Color Models: The SkinTone Scope features two color models – HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) and YCbCr (Luma, Blue-Difference Chroma, Red-Difference Chroma).

  • HSV Model: Ideal for intuitive adjustments as it separates the color (hue) from the grayscale information (value).

  • YCbCr Model: Perfect for broadcast standards, focusing on luminance (Y) and color difference (Cb and Cr) components, crucial for skin tone consistency.

These models provide flexibility and accuracy in targeting skin tones, ensuring that your adjustments are both precise and harmonious with the overall image.

Enhanced Control Over Luminosity and Saturation: With the option to narrow the luminosity and saturation range, the SkinTone Scope allows for even finer control over skin tones, ensuring they fit perfectly within the desired aesthetic of your footage.

Innovative Visualization Options: The scope offers three overlay modes – grid, solid color, or a custom gradient between two selected colors. These visual aids are instrumental in achieving uniformity and balance in skin tones across different shots and scenes.

Global Mask Application: A standout feature is the ability to apply the skin tone selection as a global mask. This means all scopes within the application will display only the skin tone areas from the active image, offering a focused and streamlined workflow.

Low-Pass Filter Option: For a smoother, more natural look, the low-pass filter can be applied to the selection, effectively smoothing out the skin tones and enhancing the overall visual quality.

Why SkinTone Scope is Essential

Skin tone is a critical element in video production, affecting the viewer's perception and the authenticity of the scene. The SkinTone Scope in OmniScope ensures that:

  • Skin tones are consistent across various shots and scenes.

  • Quick verification of skin tone uniformity is possible, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Shot matching and color grading are more precise and less time-consuming.

Tailored for the Industry's Best

Whether you're a colorist, editor, or DIT, the SkinTone Scope is designed to enhance your workflow, making the process of working with skin tones simpler, faster, and more accurate.

We invite you to experience the difference with the new SkinTone Scope in OmniScope. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to innovate and tailor our tools to meet the evolving needs of the filmmaking industry.

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