Signal Range

How to control the signal range

OmniScope can monitor signal in both Video (legal) and Full (data) range. In order to work with the proper ranges we need to make sure the settings are set properly.

If you go to Monitoring settings in Resolve you will see that Data levels can be set to Video or Full. If you set the levels to Video you can also select Retain sub-black and super-white data. This allows you to monitor the signal outside of the legal range.

Now, to make sure we see the signal correctly in OmniScope, go to the Input Settings (Connect menu in the top bar or first gear icon in the toolbar, then second tab labeled Settings):

The most important setting here is Expect video range. If Data levels in Monitoring Settings in Resolve is set to Video, then Expect video range should be checked here.

If you wish to monitor the out-of-gamut values (outside of legal range) make sure Retain sub-black and super-white data is selected in Monitoring settings in Resolve and uncheck Scale the video/SDI range to the full range setting in OmniScope (Options / Preferences / Signal) - see the screenshot above. Otherwise the out-of-gamut values will be clipped.

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