Monitoring on the same PC

Using OmniScope on the same computer as your NLE/Suite

OmniScope can be used on the same system as your DaVinci Resolve installation without using the OFX plugin but rather through SDI/HDMI signal.

This can be achieved by looping the SDI/HDMI signal back to the same computer so that the signal is visible to Nobe OmniScope.

To make it work you will need 2 I/O cards (or 1 multi I/O card - see below):

  1. Output card - to send the signal out of DaVinci Resolve

  2. Input card - to receive the signal back in Nobe OmniScope

Both cards should be looped with SDI or HDMI cable - see the diagram below:

Here's the diagram with UltraStudio ThunderBolt 3 card(s):

Supported Hardware

Nobe OmniScope supports all the compatible DeckLink and UltraStudio devices.

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