Nobe Connect

How to configure Nobe Display to work with Nobe Connect plugin

Nobe Connect is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that provides an alternative way to connect to DaVinci Resolve, bypassing the limitations of the OpenFX platform. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure Nobe Display to work seamlessly with Nobe Connect, ensuring smooth and hassle-free performance.


Nobe Display Configuration

  1. Open Nobe Display,

  2. Go to Options / Open Logs,

  3. Close Nobe Display,

  4. Edit config.ini from the folder that opened in (2),

  5. Change connect_id from "nobe_display" to "nobe_connect"

  6. Save changes and restart Nobe Display.

DaVinci Resolve Configuration

If you already use DeckLink / UltraStudio card to output the signal to an external montor, you don't have to do anything else. Nobe Display should be able to display the signal with no extra configuration.

If you don't have any DeckLink / UltraStudio cards configured in the system, go to the Preferences / Video and Audio I/O / Monitoring device section and select NobeConnect from the drop down menu:

Save changes and Restart DaVinci Resolve. Nobe Display should be able to display the output signal.

Please note that Nobe Connect is currently available only on Windows

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