Activation - macOS

Activation code method

Open FalseColorConfig app from your /Applications folder and navigate to the License tab. Click the Add new license button:

A new window appears – click Request code button:

Web browser will open with your Hardware ID filled in. Please fill in your email address and your license key, then hit Submit:

Once the license is activated you will see the Activation Code:

Select & copy the text to the clipboard then paste in FalseColorConfig app in the Activation Code text field, hit OK:

You can see that the license has been successfully added:

Email and license key method

Instead of using Activation Code you can simply type in your email address and license key in the second step above:

The end result should be the same.

The advantage of using Activation Code is that it will not be blocked by firewalls and antivirus software blocking some network connections.

You can also use activation code to activate the machine with no internet access. Simply copy & paste the hardware ID in the web browser to generate activation code for the other computer and paste the activation code on the destination system.

Offline Activation

In case you need to activate the license on a machine that is not connected to the internet you have 2 options.

  1. Use Activation code method described above. Copy & paste the Hardware ID from the destination system to the system with the active internet connection, fill in email, license key and copy & paste the received activation code to the offline system to finish the activation.

  2. You can use offline request button in the below window (Email and license key method above):

The program will produce a file with *.olr extension. Please attach it to the email and send to contact [at] We will reply back with the *.dat file that can be imported in the main view using Offline response button:

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