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Keyboard Shortcuts

General shortcuts

  • Each slider can be turned into edit box by CMD-click / CTRL-click.
  • Some scope types can be zoomed in using mouse wheel
    • Vectorscope & 3D Color Cube zooms in & out,
    • Waveform, Sat / Lum, Channel Plot zooms into the blacks,
    • Histogram scales the plot along the Y axis,
  • Zoom can be reset by middle or double click,
  • Some scope types show image preview when pressing and holding option/alt key,
    • Waveform,
    • Vectorscope,
    • Channel plot,
    • Sat / Lum
  • TAB key toggles the scope tabs and main menu,
  • Cmd+B on macOS, Ctrl+B on Windows - add a QC Timeline bookmark for the first connected device,
  • Option+B on macOS, Alt+B on Windows - toggle current snapshot
  • Cmd+T on macOS, Ctrl+T on Windows - toggle targets (View / Targets)
  • Cmd+, on macOS, Ctr+, on Windows - toggle Preferences window
  • Option+S on macOS, Alt+S on Windows - toggle Solo mode for the scope under the mouse cursor
  • Option+C on macOS, Alt+C on Windows - toggle Crop window
  • Option+D on macOS, Alt+D on Windows - toggle input 3D LUT in all the input sources
  • Option+F on macOS, Alt+F on Windows - toggle FullScreen mode
  • Option+O on macOS, Alt+O on Windows - toggle Stay On Top
  • Option+0..9 on macOS, Alt+0..9 on Windows - load a saved layout (check the layout order in the Layout menu)
  • option/alt clicking the Source Signal viewer drops a color pin,
  • Mouse middle-click removes the color pin,
  • Mouse dragging in the Source Signal will draw a mask - hold shift key to make it permanent,
  • Mouse dragging in the Histogram will make a range selection (depending on the histogram type - luma, saturation, hue),
  • 3D Color Cube can be rotated in 3D by mouse dragging the scope area,