Available actions
  • Solo – switch the selected scope into solo mode (fullscreen view),
  • Pause – pause a selected scope (freeze frame),
  • Pause/Resume All – pause all the scopes,
  • Load Layout – load a specific layout,
  • Grab Snapshot – grab a snapshot for a shot matching,
  • Load Snapshot – load the last (or selected) snapshot in all the scopes,
  • Hide Manu & Tabs – hide the menu and all the scope tabs (toggle),
  • FullScreen – toggle FullScreen mode,
  • Connect - connect to the selected device,
  • Toggle Blanking Detection - toggle the blanking detection and overlay on/off,
  • VectorScope zoom - zoom the vectorscope to the predefined level,
  • Waveform Zoom Blacks - zoom into the shadows area in the waveform
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