Histogram can be displayed in one of the following modes:

  • RGB

  • Split RGB

  • Luma

  • Hue

  • Saturation

RGB Histogram
Split RGB Histogram
Luma Histogram
Hue Histogram
Saturation Histogram


Histogram scope can be used as a source for creating a mask.


Each type of Histogram can create a given mask type:

  • RGB or Luma Histogram creates luminosity mask

  • Hue Histogram creates hue mask

  • Saturation Histogram creates saturation mask

Using all 3 scopes we can create a HSL qualifier and we can combine it further with a shape mask in the Source Signal scope.

Combined masking


Histogram can be displayed in block mode (no edge smoothing is applied):

Block render

Histogram can also be displayed in vertical orientation:

Vertical histogram orientation